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Charlatans Related 45 rpm / picture sleeve from 1975

Rare Mike Wilhelm (Charlatans, Flamin’ Groovies) picture sleeve 45 with handwritten labels from 1975, nice clean copy. Going into the spin box :))


Rara Avis in Golden Gate Park

Just had the good fortune to spot this beautiful creature while I was doing my rainy morning jog in a back area of Golden Gate Park. Any ornithologists out there able to identify this visitor?

Just sittin’ with my grandpa, watching baseball practice ~

photo by Lil
Sacramento, CA

Chicago Jazz Hot Spots, 1946 – Map

These images are from Esquire’s 1946 Jazz Book.
The book includes a great map entitled “Chicago Jazz Spots” – indicating all hot spots for jazz in that era. Map unfolds to roughly 30” x 20”. (see images directly below)
First image shows the entire map. My apologies, but the details have insufficient definition due to size of map; however, you can get a feel for the artwork and some of the neighborhoods in overview.
Second image shows the authors to be Paul Edward Miller and the famous Richard M. Jones. Third image is a detail of the 31st and State Street area, with locations and names of many legendary establishments. Fourth image has similar detail showing the 35th and State Street area.

Chicago Jazz Spots - the full map

Chicago Jazz Spots – the full map

detail of map title, copyright, and artwork

detail of map title, copyright, and artwork

detail of 31st and State Street area

detail of 31st and State Street area

detail of 35th and State Street area

detail of 35th and State Street area

I do not own the copyright on any of this semi-archaic material.

Marching Band meets Blues Band, The Saloon

Marching Band meets Blues Band for an impromptu memorial  service.
We played “I’ll Fly Away” and “Iko Iko”.
This was all spontaneous, unplanned, and improvised – played to a full house. Much respect to the departed person, whose name is not known to me. I hope someone will provide me more details. After the Marching Band left us, they continued down the street and I had no chance to talk to anyone as our band was still on stage to finish up our set. (Dave Bullard on sax with the Marching Band).

Find of the day: Big Bill Broonzy, V Disc record

Find of the day: Big Bill Broonzy, two songs on a 12 inch 78 rpm V Disc  496 in nice condition. “I Feel So Good” is the song later covered by Muddy Waters – this Big Bill version has great un-named pianist, possibly with first name Horace, as Bill sounds like he says “play it, Horace”. “Tell Me Baby” is an 8 bar tune with excellent trumpet solo. Flip side is “Salt Peanuts”, an extended bebop vocal duet featuring Tiger Haines and Wilson Myers, accompanied by Plink, Plank, and Plunk (the un-named piano, bass, and guitar players).

The above was my first impression of the record. Below is the actual documentation for the Broonzy songs, after I did a bit of research.

Regarding the two Big Bill songs, the documentation is as follows: V-Disc 496: “I Feel So Good” recorded in Chicago on December 2, 1941, has Big Bill of course on guitar and vocal, plus Horace Malcolm on piano, and ‘probably’ Washboard Sam on washboard. “Tell Me Baby” recorded in Chicago March 6, 1942, is Big Bill and his Chicago Five, namely, Big Bill plus Punch Miller on trumpet (no wonder I liked the solo), Buster Bennett on alto, Memphis Slim on piano, and Judge Riley, drums. The same two songs were also issued on Okeh 6688 and Columbia 30007 and then Columbia 37088 (per my Dixon and Godrich Bible).

Rainy Morning ~ Chinatown ~ San Francisco

When? Friday, January 22, 2016

January rain

January rain

Ho Tai printshop

Ho Tai printshop

west side or Portsmouth Square

west side of Portsmouth Square

classic architecture

classic architecture

another mural

tiger and chicken mural


mural people and real people at the bus stop

two and three dimensional people at the bus stop

chinatown08  chinatown10


good luck on finding no car in front of a Chinatown mural :))

the Buddha bar – you’ll not find him here.

architecture and pre-new years lanterns

building detail and pre-new years lanterns

typical alley-street

typical alley-street


two and three dimensional folks

association signs

association signs

the emperor's underground army, muralized

the emperor’s underground army, muralized



bakery window

bakery window




artifacts in shop window - pardon the glare.

artifacts in shop window – pardon the glare.



guardian at Grant Avenue gateway

guardian at Grant Avenue gateway

one of the signs at Chinatown gate


Memphis Recording Service ~ acetate record by Mumbles Horton

What's Wrong With You, by Mumbles Horton

What’s Wrong With You, by Mumbles Horton

Memphis Recording Service was, of course, the company started by Sam Phillips circa 1950. This was the precursor to Sun Records. This particular acetate is by the famed harmonica player, Walter Horton also known as Big Walter Horton, and, on this recording, Mumbles Horton. If you know the whereabouts of any records on this label, please get in touch with me. I am interested in anything and everything on the Memphis Recording Service label.

I am not the owner of this record. This image came from a private source.

Applejack / Michael Bloomfield – Gigs Memorabilia

Flyer, George's Log Cabin, San Francisco, CA, 1969

Flyer, George’s Log Cabin, San Francisco, CA, 1969. Great batch of shows! $1.50 admission! Bloomfield not on these shows but we recorded LP with Sam Lay shortly after.




San Francisco Chronicle advert for our gig, (Datebook aka Pink Section), July 23, 1972, at the North Beach Revival


Flyer from our gig at the Keystone Korner, SF, July and August 1972


Flyer from our gig at the Desiderata Cabaret, North Lake Tahoe, CA, August 1972


Flyer from our gig at the Lion’s Share, San Anselmo, CA, October 1972. Also, note Alice Stuart and Snake.


Flyer from Michael’s gig at The Lion’s Share, November 1972, with Sunnyland Slim & Lucille Spann from Chicago. Plus Nick Gravenites.


Photo of Chicago Blues Power at the Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA, February 1980. Michael at far left on keyboards. I’m on the right, playing harmonica. We opened for Eric Burdon.

Backstage pass for Phoenix Theater gig - yes, I still have this - call me packrat.

Backstage pass for 1980 Phoenix Theater gig, Petaluma – yes, I still have this – call me packrat.

Last Tango On 16th Street – Review

(click link above for full review, with audio)
Big thanks to the Something Else site for
the nice review of my work!
To quote from the “Something Else” site:
“With the lead single off his forthcoming 18th studio album, A Fool to Care, Boz Scaggs has left the bluesy Deep South environs of his more recent work for the West Coast. This transportive, old-world charm, so reflective of San Francisco’s atmospherics, surrounds “Last Tango on 16th Street” like a twilight fog.

At the same time, songwriter Jack Walroth — a low-key Bay Area legend, his nickname is Applejack — isn’t content to simply reiterate the look and feel of that city’s ageless Mission District. Applejack’s perceptive descriptions of its every-day inhabitants, brought into a whole new clarity via Boz Scaggs’ wistfully urbane vocal, fill in the rest of this enveloping narrative.

“Last Tango on 16th Street” is, in fact, one of two Walroth songs on the 12-track A Fool to Care…”
(end of quote)