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Calling all record collectors!

Hello out there to all of you, my fellow record collectors, DJs, and music lovers! Have you visited my website yet? I’ve got loads of 45s, 78s, and LP albums for sale, all at set prices – NOT an auction!
here’s the link:
jaxpage – phonograph records at set sale prices

Always hundreds of records in stock.
Record finder service also available at the same link above – I just may have that long-sought disk, even if not listed.

Where to view my event & calendar postings henceforth

Hello, kind people!
Just a quick note regarding a policy revision here at
Going forward, I will no longer post my event flyers or monthly calendar on this blog. All event and calendar information will henceforth be posted on my Tumblr page.
(or just do a quick search for jaxpage on and follow me)
If you would also like to subscribe to my monthly calendar via email, just go to this link:

Also at this time I have deleted all the past calendar postings. Therefore if you are browsing my past calendar archives through April 2017, those old postings will no longer display.




Wanted: Vintage Chicago Phone Directory, 1965-1970 Era



Wanted: Chicago telephone directory in any condition, Vintage 1965 – 1970

Or electronic version if available. Any year between 1965-1970 would be fantastic. Please contact me if you have anything available!


Mood of the times


RECORD WANTED: Drunken Boat, by Nick The Greek (Nick Gravenites)

RECORD WANTED: Drunken Boat, by Nick The Greek

(Nick Gravenites)

45 rpm, recorded in Chicago, 1965. Let me know if you have this and would consider selling to me. Also interested in at least getting the audio for this! Also let me know if you have any leads, know someone who has it, etc. THANKS!

Pan American Record Shop, 2915 16th Street, San Francisco

Pan American Record Shop, 2915 16th Street, San Francisco

During the ‘90s, when I had a full time job near 3rd & Townsend, I used to visit the old Purple Heart Thrift Store sometimes, during my lunch break. The store, no longer in existence, was located not far from the Hotel Utah. At any rate, one day I wandered in, and they had about 12 cartons of LPs which had just arrived. I started going through them, and there were about 4 cartons that contained a large number of vintage “Latin” (AfroAntillean, Cuban, et al) LPs. These were like, 50 cents each as I recall. Picture me running late on my lunch break, rolling up a huge stack of LPs to the front counter on a wheeled office chair! I asked the Russian lady at the counter if I could pay for the records but then pick them up after work, and she agreed (back in those days, I had a car). As I noticed later, some of the records were rubber stamped on the back with “Pan American Record Shop, 2915 16th Street [etc]”, as shown in this image. Long story short, who knew that there used to be a great Latin music record store on 16th Street, in between Capp and South Van Ness. I still have all of these prized records in my collection. This address is now the site of a computer and phone recycler.


Book Beat: Arsenio Rodriguez, by David F. Garcia


Autumn Moon Festival – San Francisco – Chinatown – Jing Mo drummers and dragon

moon1 moon2

The Autumn Moon Festival was held last weekend, Saturday and Sunday, September 10th & 11th. I happened to be in the vicinity and just literally caught tail end of the Jin Mo dragon and drummers parade on Grant Avenue near Broadway, heading south towards Washington. The dragon was moving very quickly, and due to the very large throngs on the sidewalk I was unable to get around and do any front shots. The drumming was very exciting and energetic (I was standing right back of the main drummer here) and everyone enjoyed watching the dancing movements of the dragon. Note the group costumes as well. The throng way up ahead is huge, but hard to see in these images. Sorry I was not in a good spot or would have taken more, I was not aware that there was a festival going on until I got out of my cab on the way to my Sunday gig. Better two images than none at all!

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